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We are pleased to provide you with Canada Post's 2016 Postage Rates
LettermailTM / Incentive Lettermail
USA and International Letter-post
Addressed AdmailTM
Business Reply MailTM
Publications MailTM
Unaddressed AdmailTM

Permanent reductions to minimum volume requirements:

  • Incentive Machineable Lettermail: The minimum volume threshold to access Incentive Machineable (Short & Long [S/L] and Oversize [O/S]) Lettermail prices will be reduced from 5,000 pieces to 1,000 pieces.
  • Addressed Admail: The minimum volume threshold to access Machineable (S/L & O/S) Addressed Admail will be reduced from 1,000 pieces to 500 pieces.
  • Details can be found at canadapost.ca/notice. Customers can sign up to join the VentureOne Program at their local post office or at canadapost.ca/ventureone.

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