KeyContact Introduces the Next Generation of Inserting

KeyContact is proud to announce that they have installed vision technology. As a leader in Direct Marketing, we have installed a JETVision™ system, to our equipment mix.

KeyContact is now able to run 100 percent match mailing and conduct selective inserting through the barcode system. The precision and speed of this machine helps us ensure accuracy and provide cost savings to our clients, which ultimately allows for a more successful targeted campaign.

JETVision™ is a system which adds machine vision to Inserting Machines. Effectively, it is a set of eyes that allows mail inserters to read material in single or multiple locations as inserts and envelopes flow through the inserting process, automatically recognizing when problems arise in the monitored area.

JETVision™ consists of high-speed cameras mounted in various locations on the inserter along the processing path. As material flows through the system, the camera(s) feed thousands of pictures per second to a connected computer. The computer freezes the image(s) and performs a “go/no-go” test against it relative to the process required for the camera(s). This test can range from verification of an address block, sequence number or recipient name and address in the window of an envelope as it exits the system, to comparing pre-set text on an insert to ensure a correct match or orientation. Any errors will stop the inserting process and alert the operator as to the nature of the detected error.

This operation is selected when clients require the ability to assemble multiple documents and verify that each document belongs with the correct package. As inserts are pulled from an insert station, the matching operation reads an identifying mark and uses this mark to compare the inserts to control from the input channel or other insert station. If the match is not valid, the system instructs the inserter to fault and stop for the operator to take corrective action.

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